domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

CASE: Portugal Telecom implements BPM solution for customer service optimization

Portugal Telecom is a global telecommunications and multimedia operator based in Portugal. 


Portugal Telecom went on a discovery journey, looking to reduce Customer Waiting and improve Customer Experience with technology that supports these principles.

Portugal Telecom is using PNMsoft Sequence BPM suite to optimize 400 workflow applications used in its MEO cellular stores, reducing the time it takes to serve customers and improving service.“PNMsoft was chosen because of its Microsoft-based architecture and its user-friendly interface for non-technical users,” said Gonçalo Mendes, Portugal Telecom’s Head of Retail Development & Optimization.


Gonçalo describes the significant results achieved with PNMsoft Sequence: 

1.- “The main benefit is the reduction of the average time to handle customer requests."
2.- "PNMsoft Sequence will help us save approximately €240,000 annually by responding to our customers faster &improving their experience with PT

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