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lunes, 22 de julio de 2019

CASO BPM: Grup Balfegó implanta BPM para sus procesos administrativos y para la trazabilidad del atún rojo

La principal empresa catalana dedicada a la Pesca, Acuicultura y Comercialización del atún rojo, Grup Balfegó, ha implantado AuraPortal BPM no solo para la automatización de los procesos administrativos de la organización, sino que también en todos los procesos relacionados con el tratamiento del atún. Se comenzó poniendo en marcha los procesos clave: Proceso de Extracción, Proceso de Mantenimiento en Granja y Alimentación, Proceso de Procesado Industrial y Proceso de Comercialización. Procesos alineados a la estrategia corporativa "la excelencia empresarial bajo un sistema de responsabilidad empresarial sostenible que satisficiese las expectativas de sus clientes de forma continuada y que garantizara la continuidad de la especie para generaciones futuras".

El atún rojo es un pez altamente migratorio, lo que hace necesario que para su supervisión y control exista una organización regional de pesca (ICCAT) que, en el año 2006 implantó para la conservación de la especie un plan de recuperación que ha obligado a los operadores a cumplir más de 30 normas, siendo la actividad pesquera más controlada y regulada del mundo con la consiguiente complejidad administrativa. 

Los resultados han sido visibles a las dos semanas del inicio de implantación de AuraPortal BPM Suite como una plataforma de automatización corporativa para todos sus procesos, desde la administración hasta los procesos de producción relacionados con la pesca, el procesamiento y la venta de atún: 
  • 80% de mejora en tiempos de proceso. 
  • 30% más rápida adaptación a los cambios ambientales. 
  • 77% de reducción en errores humanos. 
Balfegó es la única compañía en el mundo que ha implementado un sistema completo de trazabilidad para el atún rojo, y lo ha podido hacer gracias a Business Process Management

Lee el Caso de Estudio

Fuente: AuraPortal

viernes, 12 de julio de 2019

Signavio announced a $177 million investment to fuel further international growth and technology innovation for Signavio’s one million users

Signavio, a provider of business transformation solutions, today announced a $177 million investment to fuel continued international expansion and further investment in its world-class software suite. The transaction was led by Apax Digital, the growth equity team of Apax Partners, with participation from DTCP. Existing investor Summit Partners will retain an equity stake in the business.
Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite enables its over 1,300 customers to effectively mine, model, monitor, manage and maintain their business processes. Its intelligent decision-making tools address digital transformation, operational excellence and customer centricity, helping place process at the very heart of organizations. Signavio has grown its revenue by more than 70% in the last twelve months. Today the company’s software is used by more than one million users across industries and geographies, including leading companies such as SAP, Deloitte, Liberty Mutual, Bosch, Comcast-NBCUniversal.
This new investment will be used to accelerate international expansion and to further invest in Signavio’s product suite. The company already has 9 offices across the world and is expanding operations in Japan and India, increasing its employee base by over 50% in 2019. Earlier this year, Signavio was recognized as a March 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Enterprise Business Process Analysis Software.
“10 years ago, we set out on a journey to tackle the time-consuming practices that limit business productivity,” said Dr. Gero Decker, CEO and co-founder of Signavio. “This significant new investment further validates our approach to solve business problems faster and more efficiently, unleashing the power of process through our unique Business Transformation Suite. We are thrilled to welcome Apax Digital as our new lead partner, and look forward to building upon our success to date by leveraging our partners’ operating capabilities and global platforms for our international expansion.”
Concurrent with this investment, Daniel O’Keefe, Managing Partner, and Mark Beith, Managing Director of Apax Digital will join Signavio’s board of directors. Summit Partners Managing Director Matthias Allgaier will retain a seat on the company’s board of directors.
“As businesses have become more global, and workforces more distributed, business processes have proliferated, and become more complex,” noted Mr. O’Keefe and Mr. Beith. “Signavio’s cloud-native suite allows employees across an enterprise to collaborate and transform their businesses by digitizing, optimizing and ultimately automating their processes. We are tremendously excited to partner with the Signavio team and to support their vision.”
“With innovative, intelligent and easy-to-use solutions, Signavio is helping to enable digital transformation across thousands of organizations worldwide, enabling new use cases and extending the reach of BPM software from IT to business users,” said Matthias Allgaier, Managing Director with Summit Partners, which first invested in Signavio in 2015. “It has been a delight to work closely with Gero and the entire team to support the company’s impressive growth thus far. We are thrilled to welcome Apax and to continue our partnership with Signavio.”
The transaction is expected to close later this year, subject to regulatory approvals.

Source: Press Release by Signavio

miércoles, 10 de julio de 2019

Progress Announces the Release of Corticon 6.0, Combining REST Integration with Digital Decisioning

Leading digital decisioning solution delivers lightning-fast REST API data access and new .NET server architecture for 3x faster throughput

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, today announced the latest release of the Progress® Corticon® business rules management solution. As part of Progress’ strategy to simplify and streamline business decision management, Corticon 6.0 now includes faster support for REST data connectivity, providing a more efficient means of connecting to REST APIs and extracting the data necessary to fuel improved decision making. In addition, the release introduces a new, simpler architecture for .NET server, enabling users to execute decisions three times faster and with more reliability. 

Support for Accessing REST Services 

Corticon 6.0
expands the data integration capabilities of Corticon with the introduction of a new REST data source. The amount of data and data sources leveraged across enterprise, mobile and web applications continue to grow exponentially.Because of this, data sources are becoming more disparate, making REST APIs an increasingly popular way to access enterprise data. By embedding the Progress® DataDirect® Autonomous REST Connector—an intelligent, customizable data connectivity solution enabling lightning-fast, codeless connections between applications and REST API data sources—Corticon customers are now able to connect to the vast variety of data sources necessary to inform digital decision making within minutes. 

“Automating decision management with Corticon enables us to strengthen our applications and keep pace with change,” said Maxine Bossard, Information Systems Manager, April Marine. “Given that Corticon is at the heart of our future information systems, the new REST support will greatly facilitate our use of REST data to drive digital decisioning.” 

New .NET Server Architecture 

Corticon’s Java implementation option powers some of the most scalable business rule implementations in the world, and with Corticon 6.0 that same speed and scalability is introduced in .NET providing as much as three times faster throughput and eliminating the need for cross-compiling. .NET users now have the architecture flexibility to use both in-process and Microsoft IIS deployment. 

“Organizations are driving harder than ever for increased effectiveness and agility in business operations. The ease with which you can capture, change and optimize the rules that run your business either promotes or inhibits the agility of your organization. It also impacts the consistency, quality and speed of your decisions – which goes straight to your bottom line,” said John Ainsworth, SVP, Core Products, Progress. “With this release, Progress Corticon delivers a faster, more powerful, and easy to use automated digital decisioning system that tames the complex market dynamics, policies and regulatory rules enterprises face without user, performance, platform or data limitations.”
Progress Corticon 6.0 is available today. Although available as a standalone solution, DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector enhances the capabilities of the latest Corticon release at no additional cost. For more information go to https://www.progress.com/corticon

Additional Resources

SOURCE: Press Release from Progress Software

jueves, 4 de julio de 2019

What BPM events can we attend in July? ¿A qué eventos de BPM podemos asistir en julio?

You can pay your attention to all BPM events in my BPM calendar (here) whenever you want. But I publish the list of  events in the current month the first week of every month for you as a post in my blog.

Presta atención a todos los eventos BPM en mi calendario BPM (aquí) siempre que lo desees. Pero  publico la lista de eventos del mes actual la primera semana de cada mes como una publicación en mi blog.

In July / En julio:
  •  Webinar: The fast-evolving workplace – automation strategies for optimizing people-machine interactions (Softmotive) http://bit.ly/2XniXCH
  • Webinar: Enterprise Architecture in the Government of Canada: How Enterprise Architecture Lessons Learned are Architecting our Future (The Open Group) http://bit.ly/2Xo1XNt
  • Webinar: How Advanced Automation Can Support Process With Complex Documents (Nice) http://bit.ly/2NuKNZV 
  •  Webinar: ADONIS NP 7.1 unboxed – Comprehensive Process Insights & Easy Access to Your Processes (BOC) http://bit.ly/2KXoKJk

  •  Webinar:  Process Modelling at the speed of light – Model your business processes efficiently & effectively (BOC) https://bit.ly/2Z88Ajp
  •  Webinar: ADONIS NP 7.1 unboxed: para una visión detallada del proceso y un acceso sin barreras a sus procesos (BOC) http://bit.ly/2Iv5Llw
  •  Webinar: How to Demonstrate the ROI of your Enterprise Architecture (EA)? (The Open Group) http://bit.ly/2LxEFOJ

  • Webinar: Building and Optimizing Intelligent Agents for the Enterprise (IRPA/AI)  View Details
  •  Webinar: Understanding Deep Process Automation & How it Helps Scale RPA (IRPA/AI-Bizagi)  https://bit.ly/2Y8KnIR

Don't forget to visit all BPM events in my BPM calendar (here) to be updated about what is the next event!

¡No olvides visitar todos los eventos BPM en mi calendario (aquí) para estar actualizado sobe cuál es el siguiente evento!

miércoles, 3 de julio de 2019

About "20 Most Promising BPM Solution Providers 2019" published by CIOReview

CIOReview has published a list of "20 Most Promising BPM Solution Providers".  In the list there are players of different technologies that they can be included in the BPM life cycle, but we can not confuse to the audience about BPM platforms.  Take a look at the differences of 3 types of platforms in Gartner's classification: basic BPM platform, BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) and iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite),  in my article "How to select a BPM software?". For instance, a RPA vendor does not provide a BPM platform as the RPA product has not able to manage human tasks. It should be very interested to use RPA technology for automation of repetitive tasks where there is not required the human participation and there are not exceptions, but never we can talk about a RPA vendor as BPM vendor. And if we talk about Case Management Systems, we will be focuses on unstructured processes, but what about structured processes.

As BPM is a discipline and in the BPM Life Cycle we can use products as Enterprise Architecture (EA) Tool, Business Process Analysis (BPA) tool, Business Process Management Suite (BPMS, or iBPMS), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Rules Management System (BRMS) or Operational Decision Management (ODM),  Adaptive Case Management System (ACM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Complex Event Processing (CEP), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and more, when we have to study the different possible players, we should define the right criteria to compare with rigor. 

You can check the list of CIOReview's 20 providers here

lunes, 1 de julio de 2019

Call for Papers: Business Rules in Action (Abstract deadline: Tuesday July 16, 2019)

Call for Papers

Business Rules in Action (working title)

This new book will be launched in October/November timeframe in advance of the Building Business Capability (BBC) event in Ft Lauderdale. 

Share your expertise and knowledge...

We invite submissions of papers (each will become individual chapters in the new book) that present innovative views on Business Rules.  This peer-curated selection will include business issues, guidance, technology solutions, research and more. 

All we require at this time is an abstract describing your intended paper. See submission form here.
Help our target corporate business reader to understand the meaning and impact of Business Rules within a variety of applications or scenarios such as:
  • Describe typical situation attributes or corporate attitudes associated with successful and/or unsuccessful implementations (examples with or without redacted identity)
  • Why and how to use a rules-based approach to validate, transform, recalculate, and remediate complex applications
  • The art of managing rules and terminology in a consistent, business-friendly, and shareable way
  • How to use rules engine to achieve uniformity, consistency, continuous monitoring, transparency, flexibility, forecasting etc.
  • What are some of the key technologies and vendors and implementers in this ecosystem?
  • How will this market evolve over the next five years?
  • Using robots (RPA) to follow a specific set of business rules in a software application
  • What about the human side?  What is the outlook for the impact on jobs?  What is the impact on large corporate HR?  What is the impact on society and culture?
Up to ten of the top-rated papers will be selected for print publication (physical size limitations) with the possibility that further highly rated submissions will be published in an extended size digital edition (in PDF and Kindle formats).

There is no fee to contribute a paper and you may submit abstracts with or without co-authors (no more than four co-authors total).

The participating authors (and their organizations) receive worldwide recognition for their respective roles as industry leaders and subject-matter authorities at the forefront of business process technology, its growth, evolution and implementation.


Abstract deadline: Tuesday July 16, 2019
Review Committee Decision: Friday August 2, 2019
Final Deadline for Completed Papers: Friday, August 30, 2019
Book Launch: October - November 2019

This book will include the winning case studies from 2018 Business Rules Excellence Awards: (BREA)

Now OPEN for 2019 Entries.
  • CDC Immunization Information Systems Support Branch (IISSB), USA, nominated by CDC
  • California Bank, USA nominated by OpenRules, Inc
  • Deloitte Ltd, New Zealand, nominated by IDIOM Limited
  • Dutch Road Authorities, The Netherlands, nominated by Lab for Intelligent Business Rules Technology
  • IBM Global Sales Incentives, USA, nominated by IBM
  • KPN, The Netherlands, nominated by AuraPortal
  • MMG Insurance, USA, nominated by EA Department, MMG
  • PowerHealth Solutions, Australia, nominated by IDIOM Limited
  • Rabobank, The Netherlands, nominated by Oracle
  • United Services Automobile Association (USAA), USA, nominated by USAA
If you are interested in contributing a chapter, please complete the form HERE with a brief abstract. 

The criteria include:
  • Clarity of abstract description
  • Interesting and relevant topic
  • New approach, concept or technology
  • Applicability in real world vs theory
  • Industry standard implication or implementation
Product or corporate promotional papers will not be accepted. This is not an advertising medium.

SOURCE: Future Strategies Inc

There's still time to enter WfMC 2019 Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation (DEADLINE 5 JULY)

There's still time to enter 
WfMC 2019 Awards for 
Excellence in Business Transformation 
The WfMC annual Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation are open for registration. 
Extended Abstract Deadline: July 5
Final deadline: July 31 for completed submissions. 

Business Transformation (BT) aligns people, organizational processes and technology initiatives of a company with its business strategy and vision with the aim of achieving significant competitive advantages. 

The BT Awards program invites entries about successful customer case studies. These awards are designed to highlight and showcase the best examples of technology and business practice to support business transformation.

There are three major categories:

The Business Transformation Personality Awards of the Year recognize individual excellence at four levels; BT Chief Technical Officer (or equivalent) in both User and Provider categories, BT Team Leader and BT Consultant.

The award winners will be announced at a live online ceremony on August 13.

jueves, 27 de junio de 2019

8 Julio Webinar: Monday CBOK Study Session: Process Analysis



8 Julio 2019 | 18:00 GMT+2  España

Monday CBOK Study Session:
 Process Analysis

Cada sesión didáctica "Monday CBOK Study Session" trata un capítulo del BPM CBOK® de ABPMP International. En esta segunda sesión, se hace foco en el capítulo 4 explicando qué es Business Process Analysis. En este capítulo exploramos el tema de análisis de procesos, empezando con el por qué un proceso tiene que ser analizado y quién tendría que estar implicado en el análisis. Después, cómo  analizar un proceso, y qué técnicas, herramientas, metodologías  y marcos se pueden utilizar.   


Pedro Robledo

Presidente de ABPMP
Consultor BPM
Director del Máster BPM para la Transformación Digital en UNIR

Las certificaciones CBPA y CBPP que acredita ABPMP a profesionales BPM se basan en las áreas de conocimiento incluidas en el BPM CBOK.

Si tienes problemas en registrarte en el webinar, envíanos un correo electrónico a abpmp@abpmp.es

Anteriores Monday CBOK Study Session:
Grabación 27 Mayo  ACCESO 
En esta primera sesión, se hace foco a dos capítulos excepcionalmente, dado que se explica el capítulo 1 para introducir todo el contenido que incluye la Guía BPM CBOK (Business Process Management Common Business Of Knowledge), para después, profundizar sobre el capítulo 2 explicando qué es Business Process Management y los conceptos claves de BPM. 
  • Introducción a la Guía BPM CBOK
  • Qué es Business Process Management (BPM - Gestión Por Procesos)
  • 13 Conceptos BPM claves
Instructor: Pedro Robledo, Presidente de ABPMP, Consultor BPM, Director del Máster BPM para la Transformación Digital en UNIR

Grabación 24 Junio ACCESO 
En esta segunda sesión, se hace foco en el capítulo 3 explicando qué es Business Process Modeling. Se profundiza en los conocimientos, actividades y definiciones claves que facilitan entender el propósito y los beneficios del modelado de procesos. También, se tratan los diferentes tipos y usos de los modelos de procesos, herramientas, técnicas y estándares de modelado.
  • Proceso de Negocio y Modelos
  • Técnicas para el modelado
  • Notaciones de Modelado
Instructor: Pedro Robledo, Presidente de ABPMP, Consultor BPM, Director del Máster BPM para la Transformación Digital en UNIR