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sábado, 9 de enero de 2016

BPM in health care: current challenges and future prospects

S.Buttigieg, P. Dey and  D. Gauci have made a reflective and interesting exercise about BPM in the health care sector in Malta and the UK. The result is a paper  focused on providing answers to five questions that they believe will contribute to better understanding by scholars and practitioners in health care management on the meaning and application of BPM.  The five questions are as follows: What is BPM and is it relevant to health care? Has BPM been extensively applied to health care? Why focus on quality in health care delivery? What are the current challenges of health care and can BPM help? What role BPM will play in future to facilitate effective health care management? They include the seven steps to drive BPM forward as a tool for health care innovation.

Video abstract presented by Sandra C Buttigieg

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  1. BPM is mandatory but not sufficient - see “Technology-enabled #healthcare transformation” http://improving-bpm-systems.blogspot.ch/2014/07/technology-enabled-healthcare.html