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VIDEO BPM Case: Why Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Chose the Appian Platform

William Flowers, VP of IT Services, Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport, discusses why DFW selected Appian to eliminate paper, utilize enterprise mobility and get the right data in to the right hands at the right time.  Let's see the video:

DFW is located between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, and is one of the world’s largest international airports in terms of traffic. The airport’s total facility covers roughly 27 square miles, making it larger than New York’s Manhattan Island. As of 2013, DFW ranked fourth globally for airports in terms of aircraft movement and eighth busiest in terms of passenger traffic. DFW reached a major milestone earlier in 2013 by achieving 200 nonstop destination flights moving in and out of its terminals.
Given its size, DFW needed a more efficient and reliable way to manage its myriad of back office operations. DFW mainly used paper-based processes, requiring the physical transportation of forms and files across the facility. Appian Cloud creates more modern and efficient ways to conduct business, while also supporting the airport’s goal of reducing paper consumption by 50 percent. Through process automation Appian gives DFW greater agility in its operations, while Appian’s native mobile apps give employees better access to enterprise processes and data.
Appian Cloud provides us with smart and efficient business solutions that support our corporate goals of increasing efficiency and agility across our operations,” said William Flowers, DFW Vice President of Information and Technology Services. “The power of the platform, coupled with the speed and cost benefits of cloud delivery, provides our airport with the solutions we need for our process modernization efforts.
Appian’s unique capabilities will connect 2,000 DFW employees across all staff levels with enterprise data, processes, and social collaboration throughout the organization. DFW chose cloud delivery to accelerate the development and deployment of its modern process solutions.
DFW’s Appian program exemplifies how modern BPM can unite the largest of organizations to operate and react to change more quickly and effectively,” said Matt Calkins, president and CEO of Appian.Using Appian Cloud, DFW has a single platform for the rapid rollout of modern business solutions across the organization.”
Source: Appian's Press Release
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