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miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

About book “Business Transformation Field Guide”

The book “The Business Transformation Field Guide”  is a quick reference manual that contains short “hints” (over 800) that are organized by to the phases of a BPMS enabled BPM project, intended to help managers and staff members understand business operation change and how it can be executed. This guide is organized to follow a transformational project’s life cycle  and it includes the ADDI (Architect, Design, Deploy, Improve) iBPM/iBPMS methodology (creaed by Daniel C.Morris and Rod Moyer), what is a formal iBPM execution and orchestration methodology (1500 tasks in 7 phases) that supports the combination of Waterfall and Agile approaches, while leverage a variety of professional disciplines including  Lean, Six Sigma, Zachman’s Framework, Togaf Business Architecture, Process Architecture, Enterprise Architecture and Change Management.

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