martes, 3 de octubre de 2017

CASE: How JE Dunn empowered front-line staff to own and improve their business processes

JE DUNN Construction is the 23rd largest domestic general building contractor in the United States with offices in 20 locations. Their vision is to be an indispensable business partner for their clients by first understanding their purpose, goals, and customers and then delivering transformational solutions with certainty of results. To achieve this vision JE Dunn needed to implement standardisation & ensure best practice was carried out across the organisation
JE Dunn Construction choosed Promapp Process Management Software in order to document and manage processes and provide their staff with easy and consistent access to a centralized set of processes and knowledge. JE Dunn deals regularly with a wide range of policy, processes, and reference documents. In the past, these vital resources were maintained in hard-copy binders and inconsistently stored in the company’s intranet. This made it nearly impossible to ensure timely and accurate updates. Additionally, this format did not support JE Dunn’s objective to fully engage their employees in the continuous improvement process.
If you want to know more about the Case you can attend the following webinar: 
With this webinar you will be able to learn how they:
 Gained organizational support for their BPM efforts
 Equipped front-line staff to build and manage processes
 Prioritized critical operational processes
 Implemented a phased BPM build
 Increased speed of process builds by a factor of 10
 Increased process improvement rate by 375%

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