sábado, 24 de junio de 2017

Get your own copy of BPM book: "People-Centric Process Management" – a $27 value – for free!

You can now get your own copy of "People-Centric Process Management" – a $27 value – for free! This e-book quickly became a Top 10 Amazon best-seller in a number of business related categories and garnered rave reviews...

“In a world where process seems to mean technology this book offers a timely reminder of the pivotal role that our people play in real success” – Maurice Chadwick, Operations Director, Bank of Ireland
“It is a must read for all leaders whatever the size, sector or maturity of their organizations” – Roger Cliffe, Quality Director, Vodafone Group Services
“An insightful book about the central role people play in any effective business process” – Jim Boots, Senior BPM Advisor, Chevron
"People-Centric Process Management" is a different sort of read, designed to help you ask the right questions about your business operations. Instead of providing a one-size fits all view, it gives you the tools to understand your organizations unique challenges and opportunities.
Download BPM book, courtesy of SIGNAVIO: 

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