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RESEARCH: More than 66% of BPM employment is not covered due to lack of professionals

BPM, Business Process Management is a key Management Discipline in all companies that look for Operational Excellence. In the current Digital Revolution, companies must make a Digital Transformation to remain competitive and not disappear. The Digital Transformation requires modifying the Company's Value Chain, therefore, forces companies to redefine their business processes. Being BPM key for these organizations and needing BPM professionals to participate in these process innovation initiatives. In addition, the emergence of disruptive BPM technologies will benefit the implementation of the BPM discipline in organizations from now on. 
The BPM industry has continued its growth of two digits during the past year, responding to the corporate need for better process management in continuous improvement, optimization, governance, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, cost savings, customer experience, business collaboration and digital transformation initiatives. Growth will be greater in 2018 (+18%) as BPM becomes even more important for companies in their day-to-day operations that require an unprecedented dynamism, where innovation must be continuous to be competitive, where the analysis of information is crucial and where it is necessary to act with agility and flexibility to meet the needs of customers - this is why BPM is needed even more by companies in 2018.
The true picture of process automation is starting to change with the arrival of disruptive and smarter technologies applied to BPM initiatives. They will drive the next wave of disruption, agility and productivity in the digital company and they will lead to great advances in all organizations. In Triaster's blog, I explain my top 10 Business Process Management trends which highlight both strategy and the hottest technologies that aren't yet widely implemented in BPM initiatives but that will have a greater impact and significant potential for disruption in 2018.
Currently more than 66% of the jobs needed in Business Process Management (BPM) cannot be covered, according to my recent study "BPM Employment Opportunities in 2017". And this number will continue to grow because the annual increase of the BPM software market will be over 18% in the coming years. 85% of the organizations will need more professionals to improve the transversal processes of their value chain due to the digital transformation and the applications of disruptive technologies in the business processes. As BPM employment will continue to grow up to 14% in 2024, it is a great opportunity to develop your professional career in Business Process Management.

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