jueves, 17 de mayo de 2018

BPM CASE: Orion Registrar cut Business Process times by 2 hours with K2 BPM

Orion Registrar Inc. provides auditing and certification services for companies within a variety of industries. They are experts in a number of industry standards, including: Aerospace, Medical, Telecom, Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Recycling, Sustainability, Energy Management and IT Service Management.

  • Financial Processes
  • Regulation and Compliance

Orion Registrar wanted to update Microsoft Access database, an unreliable CMS platform for document storage, as  they were losing time and productivity. So they looked for a  a BPM solution that would be flexible, scalable, easy to update, and could be supported for years tocome. Key to the new system would be visibility for their clients into the auditing and certification process and facilitating better communication by enabling users to work with their documents and data all in one place.

Orion Registrar worked with Statêra, a leading business and technology consulting firm, to implement an innovative K2 and SharePoint solution to run their business.

  • Workflows are tracked online in real time with no manual input required.
  • 66% time saved on audit tasks 
  • 15% resource cost savings
  • Reporting is simplified, with a reduction to less than 20 reports from the previous 200.
  • Increased process compliance with auditing and certification procedures by eliminating errors and manual tracking.
  • Reduced workload, allowing staff to use system populated audit templates to save valuable time.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with the ability to provide immediate access to past certificates, agreements and documentation to more than 2,000 customers.

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