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lunes, 6 de abril de 2020

NEW BPM REPORT: The Aragon Research GlobeTM for Digital Business Platforms, 2020

The Aragon Research Globe™ 2020 report, published on March 12,  evaluates major providers of digital business platforms. In this Aragon Research Globe, they clarify what it means to support digital business, refined their market definition for digital business platforms, and identify a cross section of vendors that are focused on delivering services and technologies to support this market. Aragon defines a digital business platform as “a highly dynamic integration hub that coordinates work and supports interactions between people, applications, and devices in a most intelligent manner.” 

The report ranks vendor platforms by evaluating their ability to enable customers to shift to new digital business models. The analyst firm scores vendors across key technologies including integration, IoT management, AI capabilities, process automation, and predictive analytics. This report is available through an Aragon subscription—and TIBCO is providing a copy at no cost.


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