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Research: BPM - Uer Perceptions and Expectations (AIIM)

In this report AIIM looks at user needs, perceptions and expectations related to BPM Solutions delivery. This paper presents the findings of the survey along with the analyst’s commentary and recommendations.The survey results quoted in this report are taken from a survey carried out in January of 2016, with 177 responses from individual members of the AIIM community surveyed using a web-based tool. 

Key Findings
n 73% of organizations feel BPM increases organizational agility. 67% believe BPM enhances and supports collaboration.
n BPM initiatives are driven at the departmental level according to 65% of respondents. 38% indicate BPM is initiated from the bottom up.
n Security and access control is the focus of BPM for 23% of respondents. 55% say their BPM projects are focused on analysis and reengineering.
Technology Infrastructure
n Data management is cited as part of BPM functionality for 54% of respondents. 42% indicate that their BPM solution is integrated with their ECM and ERP systems.
n Process monitoring using BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) tools is in place for 36% of respondents. 24% say they use simulation tools for their processes.
Use and Spend
n 70% of respondents indicate their BPM focus is on content driven processes. Transactional and repetitive processes are the focus for 74%.
n Activity monitoring is considered essential for their BPM solution choice (64%). 51% see modelling as mandatory when considering a BPM solution.
n 36% indicate the CIO/COO will make their BPM purchase decision. 23% indicate the line-of- business manager will make the BPM purchase decision. 

Source: © AIIM 2016 / OpenText 2016

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