martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Lean+SixSigma+TOC provide methods for continuous process improvement in BPM

The discipline of process management (BPM - Business Process Management) makes continuous improvement of any organization possible, by allowing to manage the business processes in an efficient and reliable way. When looking for the quality of an organization we are referring to achieving a degree of inherent characteristics that meets certain requirements, needs or expectations, looking for cost savings, more revenue, greater productivity, greater profitability, greater customer satisfaction, improved branding, motivation and engagement of employees, flexibility and preparation for the future, better respond to customers and business opportunities, improve the cycle time / speed, improve customer satisfaction, retention, and growth ... 
These requirements, needs or expectations will become some business momentum in strategic objectives to achieve. Through BPM, companies can have modeling and design transversal processes to be able to manage a correct monitoring of the key indicators related to the objectives to be achieved and whether it is necessary to make the optimizations that facilitate achieving those strategic objectives.
In order to make a great qualitative and quantitative leap in the improvement of its processes and business resources, as well as to achieve true business agility, we must apply methodologies of continuous improvement that allow the optimization of the operational processes in a way that can achieve greater effectiveness , efficiency and performance in the execution of business oriented to obtain the results set.
Three continuous improvement methodologies (Lean, SixSigma and TOC) stand out, which are complementary, allowing to focus on different points of improvement of a process, and increase customer satisfaction by offering the required quality of the products in the right time and services.

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