martes, 15 de julio de 2014

BPM Case: Fundacion Séneca achieves a complete and integral management with BPM

Company  Fundacion Seneca -Science and Technology Agency

Industry:  Agency

Place: Murcia (Spain)


To apply a complete and integral management to achieve excellence, quality and effectiveness in the foundation's processes.

BPM Vendor: AuraPortal


  • F. Séneca has so far implemented more than 15 processes which handle the overall operations, from the administrative documentation register right through to full record tracking.The fact that the process modeling does not require a single line of programming code (a characteristic exclusive to AuraPortal) means that the foundation has been able to make changes in seconds, automations and improvements in the management and communication of the Technical-Administration Department, and also improvements in quality to comply with established strategies and respond to new challenges. "Thanks to AuraPortal's great versatility and the excellent customer-supplier feedback, the project has been a big success. All members of the foundation have noticed an improvement in the processes, as they now take much less time to perform their tasks. Documents are generated automatically and the status of the foundation and all of the areas involved are known in real-time." Says Juan J. Fuentes Monserrate, IT Manager at Fundacion Seneca.
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