sábado, 12 de julio de 2014

BPM Case: Geometry reduces response times to customer enquiries by 60%, achieved ROI in just 60 days from project conception to commercial operation

Company: Geometry

Industry:  Services

Place: Russia

Case Objective:  
To accelerate its sales process, increase collaboration and improve resource allocation.

BPM Vendor: Bizagi

  • In terms of ROI, Geometry now creates 3-4 times as many commercial offers with the same amount of effort. Response time to customer requests is down by 30%, and orders are qualified 20% faster. The relationship between Sales and Technical Departments has improved thanks to better communication and quality of information, reducing interaction time by 30%. And the most significant ROI figure is the 60% reduction in errors achieved by replacing manual tasks with automated systems.

 Case Study   http://bit.ly/1oO1Dex

 Press Release  http://bit.ly/1kgD2g2

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