jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

Nuevo libro BPM: Passports to Success in BPM Real World, Theory and Applications

Se acaba de presentar el libro  Passports to Success in BPM Real World, Theory and Applications  editado por Future Strategies, Inc. El libro recoge  artículos muy interesantes e instructivos escritos por gurús BPM como Keith Swenson, Peter Schooff, Nathaniel Palmer, Charles Farina, Lloyd Dugan, Frank F. Kowalkowski, Prof. Mark von Rosing, Maria Hove, Henrik von Scheel. Además incluye los casos de los ganadores de los prestigiosos premios "2014 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process Management and Workflow".

He tenido la oportunidad de escribir unos de los capítulos:

BPM empowers the Digital Enterprise

Pedro Robledo, BPMteca.com, Spain
The Digital Economy, globalization, social and environmental problems, natural disasters, the threat of terrorism, migration waves... are conditioning companies to make urgent situation analysis exercises and strategic processes to be competitive and to maintain their companies with solvency. Aspects such as delinquency management, debt control, control margins, risk management... are highly relevant and priority processes.
Pedro Robledo reviews disruptive technologies arising from SMACT - Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Things - and details how organizations with a management approach should document, automate, analyze and monitor business processes, but not in terms of functions (marketing, sales, production, customer service...) but in terms of processes from start to finish and across all functional boundaries; understanding business processes as a sequence of activities to support the strategy, analyze operational effectiveness and facilitating the establishment of performance measures for continuous improvement.

Más Información y compra en: http://bit.ly/1v7PJPP 

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