jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015

Aligning Strategy with OpEx to Drive Sustainable, Enterprise-wide Transformation

PEX Week has published their State of the Industry Report: Aligning Strategy with OpEx to Drive Sustainable, Enterprise-wide Transformation - Download it here.  876 Operational Excellence and Business Transformation executives took part in this bi-annual survey to discover trends and challenges facing the OpEx community right now. 

Key findings include:
Where is the money?
Key investment areas for the year ahead include Strategic / Operational Excellence Solutions, Data analytics and Cultural Transformation.
Anything is possible!
Encouraging signs with 52.9% of professionals stating their OpEx programs are expanding,again.
What’s holding you back?
The biggest challenges for OpEx practitioners are securing and maintaining executive buy-in, overcoming too much short-term focus and sustaining change.
What is your competitors' focus?
Leadership and cultural strategy is the number one process improvement focus for OpEx practitioners in the year ahead.

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