viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

BPM Case: Arkopharma saved €100.000 per year improving Customer Experience using BPM

The BPM vendor PNMsoft is delighted to share with us their latest BPM case study. This one is from Arkopharma that improved Customer Experience (CX) with Sequence iBPMS.

Arkopharma is the European leader in phytotherapy and nutritional supplements. The company is present in more than 60 countries and has five international subsidiaries: Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. With more than 1,500 employees and an innovative competitive outlook, Arkopharma differentiates itself from its competitors with its wide product range at competitive prices.

The PNMsoft Marketing team spoke to Jean-Philippe Bianchi, Senior IT Manager at Arkopharma.

Our information systems for CRM and ERP are SAP so we came to a conclusion that a process orchestration platform, which connects with our SAP information systems, was going to be the ideal solution towards improving CX and achieving ISO13485 certification.”

Agility is key for us. Today Arkopharma is changing fast – very fast! And our applications need to be able to change as fast as we do. It was a fast implementation and we went live within 12-16 weeks. From Day 1 after we implemented Sequence we could see the benefits at Arkopharma.”

We are now 40% faster responding to customer enquiries. Our customers are being served faster than ever before, and are much happier. According to my calculations, with the help of Sequence we are saving €100,000 per year.”

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