miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

BOC Group Launches ADONIS NP 4.0

ADONIS NP 4.0 marks yet another milestone in BOC Group’s 20-year track record of delivering a powerful and value-adding Business Process Management (BPM) tool. This fully web-based process modelling and analysis software truly enables companies to enjoy the benefits of process management in a scalable, effective and sustainable way. Consolidating the knowledge and best practices gathered in over 5,000 successful client projects has helped shape the roadmap evolution of this best-of-breed web-based BPM tool. This latest version of ADONIS NP combines the process modelling, analysis and collaboration capabilities with features that drive company-wide involvement in process improvement.
We are excited to see how our clients benefit from being able to more seamlessly engage with internal and external stakeholders in their BPM initiatives. This improved engagement helps companies overcome the struggle of establishing sustainable BPM programmes within their organisation” mentioned Tobias Rausch, ADONIS Product Manager.We know this not only from our insights into new market and industry trends, but also from being in close contact with our clients through consulting engagements where we learn first-hand about the current challenges encountered in practice.”

A selection of the most relevant features released in ADONIS NP 4.0 has been made available on the BOC Group website. 

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