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On December 15, 2016, the 12 winning companies of the 2016 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Process Management (BPM) were announced. The award finalists feature a roster of global industry leaders and government agencies, including adidas Korea, Alouette Cheese USA, ASICS, Century Pacific Food, Inc, City of West Allis, Coreso, Doll & Associates, Dreyers Fond, Dubai Airport Free Zone, ENKI, European Contingent Workforce Recruitment Company, FAHZ, FIEA , Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, Interfile, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Maringá City Hall, Mashreq Bank, Ministry of the Interior (Colombia), NIC Bank , Saudi Standards, Seattle City Light, Telecom, The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (Colombia) , Unimed Curitiba , Union Bank of Nigeria , WPS Health Solutions, ZIRAAT BANK.

A new high record of entries was reached this year. Nominations were received from adidas Korea, BPM-D, Lecom, Orangescape , BP Logix, Bonitasoft, Civerex Systems Inc., Exformatics, Dubai Airport Free Zone, 10Fold, ISIS Papyrus, Europe AG, SML Brasil, Hyland, creator of OnBase, PNMsoft, a Genpact company, SINAX Integração e Gestão de Processos, VirtusaPolaris, AuraPortal, Newgen, Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, 3Di , Inc., Avaya, Hyland, creator of OnBase, Naviant, Inc., ZIRAAT BANK and more.

Following the judges' in-depth reviews (among whom I have met again this year),  the ultimate selection of only Top 12 winners was reached after careful evaluation across all submissions worldwide:

  • adidas Korea (Consumer Direct, eCommerce team) nominated by adidas Korea, which through its own multi-channel platform to manage its business processes has allowed it to increase sales by 49%, reduce external service costs and cut distribution time.
  • City of West Allis nominated by BP Logix, has implemented BPM and Case Management using BP Process Director getting reduced time to process from 6 weeks to 5 days.   
  • Coreso (COoRdination of Electricity System Operators) nominated by Bonitasoft, has automated the capture of information from its security operations services for high voltage electricity systems, so that BPM supports the processing of complex data, managing to reduce the collection of information from 2 hours to 20 minutes, acquire and analyze ten times more information and make more complex and accurate reports.
  • European Contingent Workforce Recruitment Company nominated byISIS Papyrus Europe AG, has got to handle complex processes involved in hiring people, service delivery, reporting, payroll and client invoicing,   getting  90% work time savings in recruiting, 40% less labor in the work shift assignment, 99% of all activities running paperless and savings of 60€ per job applicant.  
  • Interfile nominated by SML Brasil, has relied on BPM, BRMS and ECM, in order to get  major security in operations,  consisten and automated decision making, agility, cost saving and customer satisfaction.
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries nominated by  PNMsoft, a Genpact company, using Sequence, has eliminated the costs of third parties to send letters to partners and donors, reducing the total number of calls made, reducing the time of each call (from 4 minutes to 3) and reducing overall labor savings by 50%.
  • Maringá City Hall nominated by  SINAX Integração e Gestão de Processos,  through the project "streamlines works" has virtualized the process of building permits, which has allowed it to reduce deadlines by 96%, implementation savings, greater efficiency in customer service, and eliminate paper documents.
  • Mashreq Bank nominated by  VirtusaPolaris, has invested in Digital Transformation powered by process automation to deliver an unparalleled experience for operations and consumers, getting   360º enterprise visibility with enriched CX, 100% system process accuracy, 40% cost savings, 20% revenue rise, 64& TAT reduction and 60% improvement in SLA conformation.  
  • Ministry of the Interior (Colombia) nominated by AuraPortal, has used iBPMS AuraPortal to optimize services to promote public safety and citizen coexistence, benefiting over 48 million citizens throughout Colombia. The highly available and mobile cloud solution has achieved optimal administrative efficiency and facilitated the work of all public officials involved in the infrastructure projects.
  • Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) nominated by the government entity itself,  entrusted with all activities relating to standars, measurements and calibration in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has developed 71 procceses using K2, with benefits as: average time to resolve a customer compliant was reduced, revenue increased and just documenting the "AS-IS" processes and reporting on them had positive impact on the quality of departments output.  
  • Unimed Curitiba  nominated by  Lecom, has automated  34 processes (on both final processes of the value chain and support processes) in 18 months using Lecom BPM, getting ahead of the project's ROI in 3 months and estimating future annual savings of $ 2 million per year.
  • Union Bank of Nigeria  nominated by Newgen, has implemented a centralized system and ease of sharing scanned documents in workflow, built on BPM and ECM. With great benefits as: reduction of process TATs by 95%, improved productivity by 95%, reduced operational expenses by 70% and compliance check and audit trail.  

  • Source: and Awards Ceremony 

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