martes, 24 de enero de 2017

26 BPM experts provide their vision about "BPM Skills in 2017 – Hot or Not" in has asked to 26 BPM experts (I am in the list) about the following two questions:  
  • What are the skills and techniques that can help BPM practitioners create value for their organizations in 2017?
  • Which skills are no longer relevant or not practically applicable yet (hype)?

My answer to these two questions:  
In 2017, all BPM practitioners need to pay attention to the value of Business Process Management in Digital Transformation, so their roles are very important in the transformation journey. So they need to focus add skills in technical disruption forces (SMACT – Social Mobile Analytics Cloud Things) in order to manage BPM projects where it should be possible to use Process Management Social Networks, Streaming Analytics and Big Data, Mobile Process Management, Event Processing and Internet of Things. But, due to the cultural change of the Digital Transformation and BPM implementation, it is important to improve the skills focus on how to make an effective communication, empathy and relationship with all stakeholders to get the cultural change without rejections. Another important consideration is to be focused on methodologies of continous improvement (Lean, SixSigma and TOC), as companies are more aware of applying these methodologies for business and process improvement. And the last skill but not the least, Adaptive Case Management skills, as more and more companies wants to implement structured processes and not-structured processes.
And about the second question, I think that all the skills are relevant as BPM maturity is low in the market yet, and the professionals need business knowledge and technology expertise of the all BPM lifecycle to advance in the maturity and to be able to develop the process transformation with the new value chain in the digital transformation of a company. But it is required to advance in terms of the focus, as many companies need to change the perception of what is a BPM Project, as it is not a Project of Technology, but a Management Project to optimize the Business Processes aligned with the Corporate Strategy.

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