domingo, 1 de enero de 2017

BPM Success: BDF improved Productivity and Increased Customer Satisfaction using AuraPortal BPM

BDF (Banco de Finanzas) of Nicaragua, a bank with consumer and small business orientation and leading mortgage provider in its region.  BDF considered the automation (through the BPM suite of AuraPortal) of the Internal Legal Process process and the Customer Complaints and Suggestions Management process, given the need to improve customer satisfaction (by reducing response times and Improvement of follow-up) and the search for continuous improvement.
The success of its decision was the selection of the BPM discipline for the automation of its processes with current needs and seeking the subsequent application to other processes of the Bank. The use of BPM has enabled BDF to achieve the following results:

The following results were achieved from the Claims Management process:
  • 100% of notifications automatically sent to customers, improving their satisfaction.
  • Process monitoring and time controls resulting in reduced response times.

The Legal Management process automation achieved the following results:
  • Elimination of work repetition caused by incomplete information.
  • Improved productivity thanks to the portal, which can be used to track assigned tasks.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, due to improved response times and being well informed of process progress.

Source: AuraPortal

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