miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

"Digitization" vs "Digitalization" vs "Digital Transformation"

In a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertainly, Complex and Ambiguous), companies are forced to innovate and adapt permanently to remain competitive and succeed. Mainly in the digital revolution where we find ourselves, where disruptive businesses appear that emerge even bypassing traditional barriers between sectors, changing the essence of traditional businesses and in many cases transforming products into services. This digital revolution is an opportunity, but it is also an obligation because customers are increasingly digital, have more information, compare, seek greater value and desire a more satisfactory customer experience, which implies companies to evolve technologically and culturally, so they will create their digital strategy that will mark the path of innovation they need.
Digital innovation in companies requires reviewing all current processes to make the necessary changes to achieve their digital and corporate objectives. The current confusion lies in whether companies stay in the digitization of business processes or actually perform a digital transformation of the business. There are two terms. "Digitization" and "Digitalization", but they have different nuances that we should think about them. In addition, the terms "Digitization" and "Digital Transformation" are mixed in many texts, which also have important nuances to consider. Let's look at the differences between the three terms

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