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Camunda BPM 7.4 will be released on 30th November

Camunda BPM 7.4 will be released on 30th November. This new version includes the following highlights:
Decision Model and Notation (DMN)
Camunda 7.4 will support the new DMN standard, which allows you to model and automate decision tables. By combining DMN with BPMN and CMMN you can implement business processes in an end-to-end fashion.
Based on bpmn.io you can create BPMN diagrams comfortably with the new Camunda modeler and enrich them for technical execution. The new modeler targets both business users and developers, enabling an even better business-IT alignment. Besides BPMN the modeler also supports the design of DMN decision tables.
Improved Job Executor
The job executor is a fundamental part of the Camunda process engine in order to manage wait states (e.g. user tasks or when expecting events). Camunda 7.4 increases the performance of the job executor yet again and lets you prioritize jobs in order to consider time-critical processes.
BPMN Heatmap
The BPMN Heatmap shows clearly which parts of a process are executed most frequently, so that optimization potentials can be identified at one glance.
Extended BPMN Support
Camunda 7.4 now also supports the execution of BPMN escalation events. In addition, the support of the BPMN events "signal" and "compensation" has been extended.
Extended CMMN Support
Camunda 7.4 further covers the execution of the CMMN standard, amongst others by supporting the CMMN rules "repetition" and "required".

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