jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

Camunda BPMS 7.4 will be released on November 30th

The  BPM vendor Camunda will present the new version 7.4 on December 1st via webinar: English  5pm CET and German 11am CET. These are new version's greatest highlights:
  • Decision Model and Notation: Camunda 7.4 will support the new DMN standard.
  • Modeler: The new Camunda Modeler, based on bpmn.io, supports the design of DMN decision tables as well as BPMN.
  • Improved Job Executor: Camunda 7.4 increases the performance of the job executor yet again.
  • BPMN Heatmap: The BPMN Heatmap shows clearly which parts of a process are executed most frequently, so that optimization potentials can be identified at one glance.
  • Extended BPMN Support: Camunda 7.4 now also supports the execution of BPMN escalation events.
  • Extended CMMN Support: Camunda 7.4 further covers the execution of the CMMN standard.

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