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TIBCO Software launched lTIBCO Simplr and TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0

TIBCO Software Inc., a vendor in integration, analytics, and event processing, has announced the current preview and upcoming beta launch of TIBCO Simplr™, and launch of TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.0, two tools that extend beyond automation, into the realm of digitalizing businesses. By leveraging advanced technology to put the right information into workers' hands at the right time, these two tools support TIBCO's goal of increasing velocity in business process management and function.
"The consumerization of IT is definitely here to stay," said Matt Quinn, chief technology officer, TIBCO. "People have become accustomed to great app experiences on their personal devices, and they want their business applications to provide that same level of speed, quality, configurability, and ease of use. Both TIBCO Simplr and ActiveMatrix® BPM deliver these elements from within the enterprise software infrastructure, enabling organizations to better adapt and scale their processes without having to burden their already overworked IT staff."
TIBCO Simplr is a new business service that leverages the no-code concept, bringing personal automation capabilities to the average knowledge worker who just wants to "get things done." Personal automation allows the non-programmer to easily create a recipe to perform a task with just a few clicks and some simple configuration. Users can deploy connectivity to perform functions that are otherwise unavailable in favored services—for instance, collecting information from a survey and moving it to multiple destinations, creating a mail merge using an end user's preferred email service or quickly transferring files between disparate databases. TIBCO Simplr users can:
  • Create connections to existing cloud services;
  • Create recipes that automate the flow of information between those cloud services;
  • Select from existing recipes and use personal connectors to make them work as desired; and
  • Provide feedback to improve the tool and share what new connectors they would like to see.
ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 is enhanced with new capabilities for the digital business, which requires supporting processes with dynamic, contextual, and complex business data. It's an inherently agile model for coordinating process, people, context, and actions for better business outcomes. With the combination of user-friendly design and enterprise strength, ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 reduces dependency on IT for daily business operations without sacrificing performance. Paramount among the new features in ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 are:
  • The ability to easily generate low-code apps customized to suit the organization;
  • Recomposable case management functionality and templates; and
  • Process design velocity support for opportunistic and rapid experimentation when initiating a new business process instance or sharing new actions on an existing process.
The ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 platform gives organizations the ability to make all business processes scalable, data-centric, and contextual, and supports independent and flexible organizational models.
Without assistance from IT, users can rapidly compose interactive business applications, such as apps specialized for the mobile workforce, composite apps that include data from outside sources, or self-service applications.
With these new offerings, TIBCO broadens its Fast Data solutions and fully embraces the improvisational nature of real-world workflows," Quinn added. "Our customers operate in a fast and dynamic business ecosystem, and we're committed to providing them with fast and dynamic tools so they can leverage technology to advance business processes rather than becoming impeded by them."
To get a sneak peek at TIBCO Simplr and generate usable recipes with the service, you can visit the website: The TIBCO Simplr beta launch is set for November 24.
ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 was available on November 13. For more information, please visit A Destination Digital webinar that thoroughly explores the added functionality is slated for November 19.
Source: TIBCO Software

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