lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

December 14th & 15th: BPM Eastern Europe Events 2015 - Free Attendance! ONLINE

BPM Eastern Europe Events 2015 is the result of merging the experience of the two major events ever held place in the region, these are the "National Conference BPM Eastern Europe" and "Eastern Europe BPM Summit" (annual and biennial events respectively). These events, along its previous editions have been positioned as the most important reference BPM and related topics for this entire region of Eastern Europe. The event attracts in excess of 150 delegates from all across the globe. Industry delegates range from representatives of major BPM vendors and consultancy firms to process owners and analysts from various companies engaged in BPM programs. 

This year the event will be offered around two days and in different formats. The main goal we have set is to get closer both the regular participants, including those who, for whatever reason, can not attend in person to this series of events. So the value proposition for this year is to offer the Summit 2015 as a conference online, December 14th (it will be offered as a Live event Webinar) while on December 15th the event will be held in the attendance on site format, as has become of usual, at a central hotel of the city of Bucharest. Also, the Conference of Bucharest will be offered entirely webcast live by the courtesy of Agora TV. 

The core program will be surrounded by KeynotesMasterclasses, industrial panels, tutorials and demonstrationsOn this occasion, and in the context of the celebration of the summit online on December 14, the awards gala will be held The Eastern Europe BPM Awards 2015. These awards are biennially delivered as a public recognition to those best projects and actors from the scene of the BPM in the Region. The Awards will be granted in cooperation with ABPMP Romanian Chapter and others independent renowned institutions.

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