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FlowCentric Technologies has announced the launch of Processware 2016

FlowCentric Technologies has announced the launch of Processware 2016 during its Global Partner Event. This latest product release has been met with much excitement from the development community, with many members commenting on the benefits that the 2016 release will offer.
One of the highlighted features is the Deployment Tool, which is an enhanced mechanism for developers to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of processes.
Denis Bensch, Director of Product Development at FlowCentric Technologies  explained, "Processes are seldom developed once off. They are developed; deployed to a testing environment; changed; tested; deployed into a live environment and so on. With the Deployment Tool, a developer can effortlessly move all artefacts like processes, users, scripts and so on, from one Processware server to another with minimal disruption to business users."
This feature further demonstrates the organisations commitment to building a platform capable of supporting customers throughout the business optimisation journey.
"My personal favourite feature is Processware's integration framework, which allows developers to rapidly integrate with 3rd party LOB applications. The objective of the framework is to remove the complexity of integration from developers. Developers don't need to work out how to write to various databases, Web services or .Net DLLs they can simply select the required method from the endpoint and use as needed."
Denis went on to highlight the additional benefits for FlowCentric Technologies partners, "We see this as an opportunity for our partners to write intellectual property into a specific assembly or DLL and ship the offering to their customers. This approach will enable partners to accelerate their customer's transformation results thereby offering greater business benefits."

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