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jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

BPM Case: Geraldton City Council Adopts Promapp for Process Excellence

City of Greater GeraldtonThe City of Greater Geraldton council in Western Australia has selected cloud-based process management software from Promapp to support both the organisation’s overall drive for efficiency and to continuously improve business and governance frameworks to support its growing resident population.

Once fully deployed later this year, Promapp will enable the council to create and store business processes in the cloud, providing internal staff with one source of the truth for council process functions while providing council residents with improved customer experience.

Ken DiehmWe wanted to improve our process management and at the same time develop consistent processes and a more process centric corporate culture,” said Ken Diehm, CEO, City of Greater Geraldton.Following a comprehensive review, we concluded that Promapp was simple, easy to learn, equipped with a central content repository, and effective to review and maintain. At the same time, it would provide council with a consistent approach to managing processes which everyone in the organisation can use.”

Once implemented, internal staff will have a consistent way of following and creating processes for repetitive tasks such as new hire induction programmes. At the same time, council residents are set to benefit from a better customer experience. For example, when contacting the council, the caller will be able to receive consistent information directly from any customer service officer, including the process steps and timeframes their lodgments and requests will undergo. Additionally, callers with complex or compliance queries will be directed to the right staff member the first time, slashing the time taken to complete a query.

Prior to deploying Promapp we were hard pressed to keep processes up to date within and across different functions. Many processes were written in a way which could not be understood by everyone in the business,” said Diehm.

Another key benefit to the council is Promapp's unique integration of risk and processes which will bring risk management into every day operations with risks linked directly to actual activities within processes. The Promapp Risk Module helps organisations identify and control risks. The council will be able to aggregate processes and provide a dashboard for executives on the perceived and actual risks around the council.

Indeed, risk and compliance awareness will become an everyday activity, included in the same dashboards where process owners manage their processes and where process participants sign-off treatments thereby reducing the time spent administering the council’s risk and compliance programme.

The council will also benefit from Promapp’s Local Government Shared Process Library which will allow the organisation to share its knowledge and experience with other councils. At the same time, it can gain comprehensive insights into how other councils around Australia operate and manage their own processes, performance and customer service.

The library itself includes over 1,000 processes developed by councils and uploaded to the cloud for sharing, including processes for activities such as building consents, resource consents, wastewater management, environmental health and environmental monitoring. The library also includes an extensive set of processes for dealing with land information, parking, libraries and museums, recreation and leisure, community development, animal management and compliance as well as customer service and service delivery.

Located 424 kilometres north of Perth with a population of over 40,000, The City of Greater Geraldton council has been named one of Australia’s regional capitals. It boasts a prosperous economy and a number of industries including mining, fishing, manufacturing, construction, retail and tourism. The council’s vision is to be a creative city-region with the capacity to sustain a population of 80,000 – 100,000 in a prosperous, diverse and sustainable community within an attractive Western Australian setting.

As part of the Promapp deployment, the City of Greater Geraldton council has put in place a communications program to assist with Promapp’s ongoing successful rollout and integration across the organisation.

Ultimately, Promapp will enable us to support our strategic aim to be a leading organisation that works in partnership with the community, industry and government to plan and provide quality services and infrastructure in a sustainable environment. Once Promapp is fully deployed during the course of the next 12 months it will underpin our capacity to achieve efficient, consistent process, and provide transparency across the organisation,” said Diehm.

Source: Press Release Promapp