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domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017

New Gartner's 2017 Q4 Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites

Gartner has published a new Magic Quadrant for iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suites). Gartner defines an iBPMS as an integrated set of technologies that coordinate people, machines and things, and iBPMS use actionable, real-time insights from operations intelligence to augment the orchestration and automation of adaptive business processes. 

By courtesy of Bizagi, you can download your complimentary copy of the report to get critical advice for those considering and evaluating iBPMS platforms.

Source of Image: Bizagi

viernes, 13 de octubre de 2017

2017 Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA): 22 EBPA Vendors

Gartner defines Enterprise business process analysis (EBPA) as the discipline of business and process modeling aimed at transforming and improving business performance, with an emphasis on cross-viewpoint, cross-function analysis, and strategic and operational decision support. 

EBPA helps EA and TI leaders support transforming and improving business performance and outcomes through business and process modeling. This Gartner’s research describes the market, identifies use cases, and highlights some key vendors and their fit with common use scenarios. The EBPA market can be segmented into four common use cases: strategy to execution, business process analysis, enterprise architecture (EA) and business process automation.

This market guide is focused on 22 vendors:
  • Avolution ( www.avolutionsoftware.com ), based in Sydney, offering Abacus 5.0
  • BiZZdesign ( www.bizzdesign.com ), based in Enschede, The Netherlands, offering Enterprise Studio 2.3
  • BOC Group ( www.boc-group.com ), based in Vienna, Austria, offering Adonis NP 4.5
  • BusinessOptix ( www.businessoptix.com ), based in London, offering BusinessOptix Version 6
  • Canea ( www.canea.com ), based in Gothenburg, Sweden, offering Canea One 2017.2
  • Erwin ( www.erwin.com ), based in Melville, New York, offering erwin BP (powered by Casewise and Modeler Suites 2016.1.1, and Evolve 2016.1.1, and including Collector 5.1 and Synergy 8.1). The former Casewise was acquired by erwin in December 2016.
  • GBTEC Software + Consulting ( www.gbtec.de ), Bochum, Germany, offering BIC Platform 4.0 and BIC Cloud
  • Holocentric ( www.holocentric.com ), based in Sydney, Australia, offering BMS 3.1 (comprising Modelpedia 3.1 and Holocentric Modeler 8.0)
  • IBM ( www.ibm.com ), based in Armonk, New York, offering Blueworks Live, continuous release
  • IFS ( www.ifsworld.com ), based in Linköping, Sweden, offering IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) 8.1
  • iGrafx ( www.igrafx.com ), based in Tualatin, Oregon, offering iGrafx Origins v.16
  • Interfacing Technologies ( www.interfacing.com ), based in Montreal, offering Enterprise Process Center 10.0
  • Mavim ( www.mavim.com ), based in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, offering Mavim v.10
  • Mega International ( www.mega.com ), based in Paris, offering Hopex
  • MooD International ( www.moodinternational.com ), based in York, U.K., offering MooD Business Architect and Active Enterprise 16
  • Navvia ( www.navvia.com ), based in Roswell, Georgia, offering Navvia Process Designer
  • QPR Software ( www.qpr.com ), based in Helsinki, Finland, offering QPR Suite 2017
  • QualiWare ( www.qualiware.com ), based in Copenhagen, Denmark, offering QualiWare Product Suite 6.5
  • Signavio ( www.signavio.com ), based in Berlin, Germany, offering Signavio's Business Transformation Suite (Signavio Process Manager 10.14, Signavio Process Intelligence 1.2 and Signavio Workflow Accelerator)
  • Software AG ( www.softwareag.com ), based in Darmstadt, Germany, offering ARIS 10.0
  • Synergy International Systems ( www.synisys.com ), based in Vienna, Virginia, offering Synergy Indicata
  • TIBCO Software ( www.tibco.com ), based in Palo Alto, California, offering TIBCO Nimbus 10.0.0
Navvia provides you to download a FREE copy of Gartner's MarketGuide to learn how Enterprise Business Process Analysis can improve business outcomes for your organization.

jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

ACCELERATE UP THE MATURITY CURVE through Transformation, Talent and Customer Experience

The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) is the largest and most established community of shared services and outsourcing professionals, with over 85,000 members globally. The world’s largest event for Shared Services, GBS, Outsourcing, and Intelligent Automation leaders is here! SSOW is packed with cutting edge content, and industry experts  from Microsoft, GE Global Operations, American Express, Discovery Channel and PepsiCo (to name a few).

View Agenda here > http://bit.ly/2y9hCTB

I recommend you attend sessions,  Like their keynote speaker, Julio Nemeth from P&G, to learn all about the gold standard for Shared Services and the incredible transformation that P&G underwent. P&G is on a journey to create the next generation shared services that is entirely self-funded. To do this, they are focused on automation while fully embracing exponential technologies like AI, outcome-based work-process design and machine learning, enabling them to deliver vast efficiencies and drive true value for the business

This event provides two NEW site tours: The first site tour will be featuring Robotics at PWC in Tampa, FL. PwC will share with you their journey from strategy all the way through execution, from shared services to RPA to Global Business Services and beyond. The second site tour will be featuring HR Shared Services Center at Coca-Cola in Brandon, FL. You’ll get an exclusive look at this center which currently has 250 employees and expects to continue along a technology and process optimization journey.

The 22nd Shared Services Week will include Keynote Addresses, Practical Case Studies, Panel Discussions, Master Classes, and Interactive Discussion Groups on Shared Services, Finance, and HR. I am sure this will be an experience you won’t forget, so bring a colleague and claim your Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) offer before it expires on October 27. Simply email Maricarmen.Gonzales@iqpc.com with code SSOW18_BPM for this offer. 

View the agenda here to see the full speaker sessions, site tours, and more! http://bit.ly/2y9hCTB

More information:

Shared Services &Outsourcing Week Team

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miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2017

The Business Agility Manifesto Building for Change

Roger T. Burlton, Ronald G. Ross & John A. Zachman have published The Business Agility Manifesto. The Principles in this Manifesto are not technology “more of the same.” These Principles are DIFFERENT. They are BUSINESS Principles

Based on Peter Drucker who in 1998 said: “The next ... information revolution is well underway. But it is not happening where information scientists, information executives, and the information industry in general are looking for it. It is not a revolution in technology, machinery, techniques, software, or speed. It is a revolution in CONCEPTS.” Burlton, Ross and Zachman’s assertion is that every new implementation opportunity must aggressively embrace and tenaciously commit to the Manifesto Principles if we are ever to change the CONCEPTS of our practices. The change has to take place deliberately, iteratively and incrementally. It’s urgent that we do it. The time to undertake it is NOW

Agricultural Age companies couldn’t compete in the Industrial Age. Industrial Age companies cannot compete in the Knowledge Age. The question is not whether a revolution is happening. It IS happening. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Providing the pathway forward is the purpose of this Manifesto”, they explain.

Here you can read and download the Manifesto