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martes, 22 de mayo de 2018

Avolution Reports Record Demand for Enterprise Architecture and Digital Productivity Software Across EMEA

Avolution has reported record demand and sales growth for its ABACUS software during Q1 2018, with growth tracking to accelerate through the first half of the year and beyond.

Peter Collins, EMEA Regional Manager at Avolution said that this demand was part of a trend for enterprises to lay a strong but adaptable foundation for IT and business systems in a “continual transformation” environment. He also noted that the requirement for enterprise architecture support software which can be deployed in the cloud was maturing. 

“We’re receiving particularly strong growth in enquiries from companies in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, and also from the Middle East and AfricaAvolution’scloud-based modeling software has allowed us to increase deployment speed, achieving quicker time-to-value for the practitioners and executives who rely on the digital business models, cost calculations and analytics, reports and data visualizations that ABACUS provides.”

Collins said that cloud-based deployment is one of the features which is enabling the digital business knowledge captured in ABACUS to be maintained and available much more widely through the business.

“Companies are using cloud deployment to arm a broader and more inclusive user base -- well beyond the enterprise architecture and digital transformation offices --with detailed knowledge of systems and processes. They’re providing access to business analysts, application owners and infrastructure managers making sure that they can update information early and often.”

Architects are also moving to leverage information from ServiceNow and FlexeraTechnopedia using dedicated adapters, and integrating data via ABACUS REST API.

“Companies are coming to us with the requirement to future proof their enterprise architecture investments and capabilities. That is, they need to be confident that they can adjust the way they do architectural and digital planning and the underlying metamodels and databases as their business itself changes. The XML-based graph database on which ABACUS is based provides this high level of adaptability and flexibility."

Avolution is the first software vendor to provide fully updated support for the new TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2, launched  in April 2018. TOGAF is an Open Group standard used by 70,000+ enterprise architects and solution architects worldwide. 

Source: Avolution Press Release

jueves, 17 de mayo de 2018

BPM CASE: Orion Registrar cut Business Process times by 2 hours with K2 BPM

Orion Registrar Inc. provides auditing and certification services for companies within a variety of industries. They are experts in a number of industry standards, including: Aerospace, Medical, Telecom, Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Recycling, Sustainability, Energy Management and IT Service Management.

  • Financial Processes
  • Regulation and Compliance

Orion Registrar wanted to update Microsoft Access database, an unreliable CMS platform for document storage, as  they were losing time and productivity. So they looked for a  a BPM solution that would be flexible, scalable, easy to update, and could be supported for years tocome. Key to the new system would be visibility for their clients into the auditing and certification process and facilitating better communication by enabling users to work with their documents and data all in one place.

Orion Registrar worked with Statêra, a leading business and technology consulting firm, to implement an innovative K2 and SharePoint solution to run their business.

  • Workflows are tracked online in real time with no manual input required.
  • 66% time saved on audit tasks 
  • 15% resource cost savings
  • Reporting is simplified, with a reduction to less than 20 reports from the previous 200.
  • Increased process compliance with auditing and certification procedures by eliminating errors and manual tracking.
  • Reduced workload, allowing staff to use system populated audit templates to save valuable time.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with the ability to provide immediate access to past certificates, agreements and documentation to more than 2,000 customers.

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

CASE BPM: HELLA Modernizes Business Processes with Appian Cloud Platform

Appian has announced that HELLA, the lighting and electronics expert, is implementing Appian’s low-code business process management platform. HELLA chose Appian for its fast and easy implementation, greater flexibility, and faster roll-out of processes. In addition, its fully managed, EU-hosted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) significantly reduces system administration time and efforts.

Appian replaces HELLA’s previous workflow system, which had become too inflexible for HELLA’s needs. HELLA is currently using Appian for two administrative processes. The first two applications went live as pilot applications in just six months. This included not only the time needed for implementing the workflows, but also for the system set-up and development of the initial interfaces to HELLA’s ERP system and databases.

HELLA is planning to develop additional applications, which will run on Appian across all business divisions and functions. These will include purchasing, D&D, logistics, and production amongst others.
We have decided to implement Appian as it streamlines our processes across all business units. After much detailed consideration and testing, Appian fulfilled all our requirements, including easy development of applications,” said Falko Krauß, Head of Solutions and Integration at HELLA. “Moreover, we also checked third-party opinions regarding Appian, such as Gartner and Forrester rankings which underlined our own impressions of the technology.”
HELLA has a strong vision for streamlining its processes and modernizing the customer experience,” said Dirk Pohla, Managing Director at Appian. “Appian provides a platform to accelerate that vision while meeting the requirement of keeping cloud-hosted data within Europe.”
About Appian
Appian provides a  low-code software development platform that enables organizations to rapidly develop powerful and unique applications. The applications created on Appian’s platform help companies drive digital transformation and competitive differentiation. For more information, visit www.appian.com.
Source: Appian Press Release

martes, 15 de mayo de 2018

CASE BPM: Process Improvement with FlowForma BPM. The A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme

The A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme is the largest road construction project in the United Kingdom - a £1.5bn joint venture between Costain, Skanska and Balfour Beatty. From the outset, the project faced logistical challenges around business processes, documents inevitably getting lost and mistakes being made. They were  looking for an  automated workflow solution that could remove the dependency on paper-based processes and give the joint venture project the single source of truth he was looking for. 

This case study explains how the no-code FlowForma BPM tool helped this joint venture transform manual, paper-intensive and time-consuming processes into efficient and transparent workflows, without any coding. 

• Permission to Dig
• Site Visit Request
• Joiners and Leavers
• Labour Request
• Material Requisition
• IT Project Requests

Pain Points:
• Manual processes
• Excessive paperwork
• Distributed workforce
• Poor governance

• Faster processes save days by automating processes and cutting down on paperwork
• Familiar interface and excellent value
• Integrated data for better reporting
• Increased efficiency  amd Better governance (with accurate audit trail of everything that 
• Accessible over mobile
• Single source of truth for all data

About FlowForma
FlowForma, a provider of Business Process  Management (BPM) tools for Microsoft Office 365 has  an innovative approach to developing BPM products that empower users to get work done, smarter and faster, on the familiar SharePoint platform, without any coding.

MORE INFORMATION: https://bit.ly/2L3J9ZR