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martes, 16 de enero de 2018

BPM 2018: Top 10 BPM Industry Trends This Year

BPM 2018 - how will it be different from 2017 and what are the top 10 BPM industry trends that will shape the future of process management?
The BPM industry has continued its growth of two digits during the past year, responding to the corporate need for better process management in continuous improvement, optimization, governance, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, cost savings, customer experience, business collaboration and digital transformation initiatives. Growth will be greater in 2018 as BPM becomes even more important for companies in their day-to-day operations that require an unprecedented dynamism, where innovation must be continuous to be competitive, where the analysis of information is crucial and where it is necessary to act with agility and flexibility to meet the needs of customers - this is why BPM is needed even more by companies in 2018.
The true picture of process automation is starting to change with the arrival of disruptive and smarter technologies applied to BPM initiatives. They will drive the next wave of disruption, agility and productivity in the digital company and they will lead to great advances in all organizations. 
Please read in Triaster's blog my top 10 Business Process Management trends which highlight both strategy and the hottest technologies that aren't yet widely implemented in BPM initiatives but that will have a greater impact and significant potential for disruption in 2018.

BPM Skills in 2018 – Hot or Not... by BPMtips.com

Each year is a chance to make a change for yourself and your organization. But it will be a positive change only if you know what are the right things to focus on, and which ones should be avoided. 
To help you make 2018 your best year ever BPMtips.com has asked 20+ BPM experts about the skills that will be hot this year. I have participated in this survey again this year. Here the list of Experts:
As you will see BPMtips.com kept the basic structure used in 2016 and 2017 version of this post, but to make it more actionable added a question about the best resources to learn the hot BPM skills.

viernes, 12 de enero de 2018

25 Enero: Openclass Online: Estudio de las Oportunidades de Empleo en Business Process Management

El próximo 25 de enero a las 17:00h. (GMT+1) impartiré la Openclass “Estudio de las Oportunidades de Empleo en Business Process Management.

El crecimiento del mercado BPM es de doble dígito para los próximos años, la Transformación Digital requiere que se revisen o se creen los procesos de negocio necesarios para la nueva Cadena de Valor de la empresa y más del 66% de los empleos necesarios en Business Process Management no se pueden cubrir. En esta Openclass como Director del Máster Universitario en BPM para la Transformación Digital, explicaré los resultados de mi Estudio sobre la Oportunidad de Empleo en el Business Process Management en España, Latinoamérica y en todo el mundo, cubriendo los puestos más demandados, los conocimientos que se requieren y los salarios que se ofrecen. Un punto de partida para tomar tus propias decisiones en tu futuro profesional.

Para seguir online y de forma gratuita esta sesión inscríbete AQUÍ 

Recuerda que puedes plantear tus preguntas o sugerencias al inscribirte y también durante la clase a través de chat.

Driving Productivity through GBS, RPA, and Process Transformation

In this exclusive interview, Juliano Godoy, Head of North American Business Services at Kraft Heinz outlines how he was able to generate $2.6M in productivity gains through GBS, RPA, and Process Transformation.  Read on >> http://bit.ly/2CT8HEu

Take advantage of a 20% discount off standard pricing to attend SSOW with code: SSOW18_WBPM. 
Email enquiry@iqpc.com with the promo code to secure your discounted pass before January 19th.

At SSOW learn the various ways leading-edge SSOs are embracing innovative process transformation techniques to identify and capitalize on new savings, performance and value. Join us March 19-22 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando to indulge in cutting edge content, expert process transformation speakers, sessions, & more!

Process Transformation Expert Speakers Snapshot:
·       Bethmara Kessler, SVP, Integrated Global Services Campbell’s Soup
·       Dan Stuart, Chief Business Process Officer, Breakthru Beverage
·       Shivani Bhatia, Senior Director, Business Systems Transformation McGraw-Hill Education
·       Mike Koehler, VP, Enterprise Process Innovation Express Scripts
Top PEX Sessions for you:
·       RPA Site Tour at PWC
·       Process Transformation Workshops
·       Process Design Intensive Track
·       Process Transformation Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs)
·       Digital Disruption and the Next Generation of Shared Services
·       Continuous Improvement IRL presentation and panel discussion
View full speaker & session lineup here: http://bit.ly/2CT8HEu

March 19-22 | Hyatt Regency Orlando | www.SharedServicesWeek.com

miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018

6 Febrero Bonita Day Madrid - La experiencia del usuario: el epicentro de la transformación digital

Bonitasoft ha organizado para el 6 de Febrero en Madrid su evento Bonita Day con el lema "La experiencia del usuario: el epicentro de la transformación digital", donde nos hablarán de las nuevas tecnologías que pueden transformar los negocios y además contarán con los testimonios de sus clientes y socios tecnológicos. 

En el programa: blockchain, inteligencia artificial, cloud y muchos otros temas, junto con una visión global de la nueva plataforma de Bonita.  

No te pierdas esta oportunidad y apúntate: Haga clic aquí para registrarte en el evento

Si te acercas, podremos saludarnos, porque yo estaré.

domingo, 7 de enero de 2018

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