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martes, 7 de noviembre de 2017

New Book INTELLIGENT ADAPTABILITY just published! It includes my article: "Smart Adaptive BPM Engine"

Just published! The new book Intelligent Adaptability in the prestigious annual Excellence in Practice Series (Edited by Layna Fischer) is ready. I have contributed in this book with my article “Smart Adaptive BPM Engine”.

Intelligent Adaptability describes how ACM is emerging in the era of machine intel- ligence and automation technologies, including Big Data, digitization, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent BPMS and BPM Everywhere. In this book, you can  explore how Intelligent Automation can be realized to deliver on the promise of Intelligent Adaptability, expanding the capabilities of ACM beyond what had previously been thought to be the limitations of automation.
In my article “Smart Adaptive BPM Engine”, you can explore about Adaptive Case Management envisions processes that are not designed in advance, but are rather processes that respond moment-by-moment. In an agile environment, where all structured processes have predesigned their business behaviors in ad- vance, they will need to be adapted depending on real-time circumstances. Disruption from Artificial Intelligence applied to BPM will provide a smart adaptive BPM engine that will cause fundamental changes for the structured processes because these could change their predesigned behavior as the BPM engine starts learning, so this new capability of BPM will provide the right tasks at the right moment for a customer. The fundamental idea is the automatic adaptation of the process models are defined by the automatic learning of the Workflow Engine that orchestrates the processes.

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Section 1: Digital Intelligence

Machine Intelligence and Automation in ACM and BPM
-- Sandy Kemsley (Foreword)

Intelligent Automation Delivers Intelligent Adaptability 
-- Nathaniel Palmer

Public Safety and Dynamic Business Process Control
-- David Webber 

Smart Adaptive BPM Engine
-- Pedro Robledo

Value Stream as a Service
-- Setrag Khoshafian and Sushil Kumar

Business Rules Design as Enabler for Intelligent Process Solutions
-- Kay Winkler

Transforming Compliance Regulations into User Experience
-- Christoph Ruhsam, Christoph Czepa, Uwe Zdun

Section 2: BPM and ACM Real-World Use Cases

Introduction to Award-Winning Case Studies
Seven Trends Impacting the Case Management Landscape
-- Connie Moore

·       Fein Such Kahn & Shepard 
·       Grinnell Mutual
·       Leading European Bank
·       Molina Healthcare, Inc.
·       UniCredit Leasing Croatia
·       WPS Health Solutions

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